Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Show and Tell at Winchester House

While at my usual monthly meeting Coffee Club Morning at Winchester House (Cancer Support Group), I delighted to find that Diane Young was our guest speaker.  Diane started her talk by showing us an embroidered dress she had made at school, and had won 1st prize for her efforts!   All I cam remember sewing at school were a pair of ghastly black pleated bloomers for PE – compulsory to wear and not at all flattering!


She has been a member of her House Group “We Love Mondays” for about 30 years or so, and really cherishes their time spent together.  The group decided to make a Rest Home Quilt each, something to take with them if  needs be, which tells the story of their lives.  With her name  appliqued in large letters, she won’t forget who she is while settling down in the twilight years in the rest home.


Two quite different wall hangings demanded a close up inspection.  The lovely black and silver Christmas Tree was made with all sorts of sparkly braid, and I could imagine it shimmering under the evening lights.  And the kiwi in the forest was a work of art, with all sorts of interesting textures as the kiwi foraged on the forest floor.


Thank you Diane, for bringing a selection of your beautiful quilts to show the Coffee Club ladies at Winchester House.  It was most appreciated and very well received.

Jenny Benton

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