Thursday, 24 September 2015

Hanging at Winchester House

Helen Cole does a wonderful job of selecting quilts to hang at Winchester House, home of the Cancer Society, here in Levin.  On show this month is another quilt by Carol Bellinger, featuring some more of her beautiful stitchery blocks.  Named, “Spring is in the Air”, this lovely quilt tells of spring blossoms and warmer weather to come.



P9220003 Spring is in the Air, by Carol Bellinger

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Inaugural Allcomers Stitching Day

The first Allcomers Stitching Day took place in the Red Cross Rooms, and by the numbers attending, was a complete success.    17 happy club members set themselves up on tables and settled down to a day of stitching.  Most had their sewing machines, with a few doing hand stitching.  We all gathered around the large table at morning tea time, and Lynne welcomed the group to our first Allcomers Day.    Then, as some of us  didn’t know everyone, we all took turns at introducing ourselves and saying a few words. 

As always, the projects were many and varied.  Madalyn was coming along well with her Susan Claire design, “Two for the Zoo”, adding extra embellishments as she went.  Just look at those cute animals.

P9140021 Two for the Zoo, by Madalyn

Dianne was working on her long term project, stitching another heritage block for her quilt.  This particular block will no doubt have a special meaning as the satin fabric used in the dove was a snippet used in her daughter’s wedding dress.   Lynne provided a few words of advice on how best to attach the wing of the dove.  The pretty lace doily stitched on with gold thread is a nice finishing touch.

P9140019 Dianne’s heritage block

Kath and I were busy stitching away on our Sashiko blocks, from Sunday’s class with Claire Smith, it was lovely sitting at the table with the sunshine streaming in the window.  I managed to complete  my simple design during the day, while Kath’s more complicated design will take her a while, as there is a lot more stitching to do.

P9140023 Kath and her Sashiko

Thanks to all who agreed to me taking photos of their work, and particular thanks to Val who seemed to spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen, making pots of tea, and tiding up afterwards.  And, I was reliably informed, it was Ruby’s birthday!  Everyone certainly enjoyed themselves at the inaugural Allcomers Stitching day, and we will all be eagerly awaiting details of the next one.

Friday, 11 September 2015

September Club Night

It seems that the fates were against me once again – what do I have to do to win one of those interesting looking raffle prizes at club night?  Ruby and Carol were the lucky winners this time.  With the raffles drawn, announcements made, it was time for Show and Tell.  Wendy had brought along a box of her cute little Tea Cup Dollies, which she said, make lovely little gifts for special people.  How cute are these!

P9090030 Tea Cup Dollies

Kaye had made a rather sophisticated table runner, featuring coffee themed fabric and finished with prairie points.  Very nice indeed.

P9090033 Kaye’s table runner

And a flock of Kingfishers had flown in, stitched at Sonja Prchal’s recent class.  They all looked great, and I’ve been told the technique is not as hard as it looks.

P9090031 Kingfishers galore

Our guest speaker was Aimee from Aimee’s Homestead Quilts.  After working at the Cloth Shop for 10 years, Aimee decided to branch out on her own, and opened her shop in April this year.  

P9090027 Aimee showing us a little ornament she had made

She leads a very busy life, as well as running her shop and offering classes, she will do quilting for customers, and even make commission quilts, if required.  Such as this lovely black and white quilt with stitchery blocks.  I had seen this design made up in pretty pastels, a completely different look, but the customer wanted black and white only.

P9090035Black and white commission quilt

Aimee loves to cross stitch, and likes to make a large design each year.  Another love is Christmas quilts, and once again, she manages to produce a Christmas quilt each year.  Where does she find the time to do all this,  I wonder, and still run her shop?

P9090028 Two Christmas quilts featuring stitchery blocks

She must have cleared out her shop, as there were several tables of goodies to temp us at the end of the meeting.  Fabric and notions, cute storage boxes and patterns, all sorts of interesting things.  I purchased a Christmas gift for my overseas quilting pen-friend, plus a little something for me.  It was certainly another interesting club night.

P9090029 Aimee and her wares

Monday, 7 September 2015

T&C Quilters Club Night on Wednesday

Our next club night is coming up fast.  Aimee Torwick from Aimee’s Homestead Quilts will be our guest speaker  She will be bring some goodies from her shop for us, including threads for those going to the upcoming Sashiko class.

Don’t forget your library books, a few dollars for raffle tickets, and perhaps you have some bright or kiddies fabric for the Thimblelinas donation box.

See you all on Wednesday evening.


Sunday, 6 September 2015

CanTeen Exhibition

Colourful Cancer Society bandannas were at the heart of this exhibition, organised by CanTeen Manawatu, and held at the Globe Theatre, Palmerston North.  I walked in the door, paid my gold coin donation,  and recognised a lady sitting in a chair stitching.  It was club member Barbara, patiently waiting for a friend to join her at the exhibition.

P9050006 Barbara was sitting stitching

This is the first time such an exhibition has been held, the ladies on the desk told me.  The Manawatu team decided to take up the challenge, and organise the competition and exhibition.  There were four categories, entries from Primary schools, Secondary schools, and Learning Support.  Then quilters and crafters alike got behind the idea and the entries poured in for the Open Section. Over 100 entries were received, and the criteria was to use a recognisable portion of one or more of the colourful Cancer Society’s bandannas.



Many featured butterflies or hearts


Loved the English bus

Everyone knows someone who has been touched by cancer,  so it was good to see all the bright and colourful works of art bring a positive message.