Friday, 24 April 2015

April Remnants Night

We haven’t quite made it home from our four week caravan holiday yet – in fact we are camping at Himatangi over Anzac Weekend.  But that didn’t stop me from driving down on Friday night to meet up with the other Remnant girls for the monthly get-together.  I’m so pleased I braved the heavy SH1 traffic – it was nice to meet up with the other friendly Remnant regulars too.

P4240007Enjoying the Remnant’s night together

Mary was there for a while, still working on helping Kaye with her New Zealand bird appliqué quilt.  Mary just does a little every now and again, she said.  She gets the honourable mention of the evening for her delicious  home made cream sponge.  Served with whipped cream and topped with passion-fruit, it was “light as a feather” indeed.  Great cooking, Mary!

Kaye was wrestling with the logistics of putting a fabric book together, working out how to layer the pages so they were in the right order when stitched together.  Yes, the instructions were there, but Kaye decided she really didn’t need to read them.

Both Janelle and Vickie were working on their Patchwork of the Crosses projects.  Vickie’s are in browns and cream, and Janelle has chosen blue and green.  With all that hand stitching it will be a long term project, I expect.

P4240008 Janelle’s Patchwork of the Crosses

There were a couple of new faces attending too.  Ute has recently joined the club, and was practising free motion quilting.  And her friend and neighbour Wendy who hopes to become a member was working on a Minnie Mouse cushion.   Sandra was busy finishing off a quilt for an expected grand-child, due in a week or two.  And I didn’t do any stitching at all.  Just wanted to pop in and say hello, before heading back to the caravan club rally.  Hopefully I will be able to spend the whole time there next month.  Why don’t you come along too?

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Postcard from Rotorua

High on the list of “things to do in Rotorua” was a visit to the relocated Cottage Flair quilt shop.  Many of you would have been to their previous premises at Ngogotaha – I’m sure I remember some members talking about their weekend retreats there in the past.  Cottage Flair can now be found in the city in Fenton Street, just a stone’s throw from Lake Rotorua.  Hubby didn’t take too much persuading to drop me off there, especially when I discovered that the shop has an adjacent cafe on the premises, called “Coffee and a Yarn”.  With a newspaper to read, he was perfectly content to sit and wait for me while I browsed.  Especially with the promise of coffee and cake when I had finished browsing!

P4200025 Study of a quilter’s husband

Beautiful quilts were everywhere, hung on walls, folded and draped on furniture, and many smaller ones were pinned up on the ceiling.  I love New Zealand designs and this beauty certainly caught my eye.  There was a great selection of NZ fabrics, patterns and quilts too, aimed at the overseas travellers who pop into the shop, I imagine.  Mind you, proud Kiwis also like to work with this fabric.   I have made several NZ quilts myself, as have many others, I’m sure.

P4200027 New Zealand Bird quilt

P4200028 And check out the lovely light and airy classroom

There was plenty to keep me busy for quite some time, haberdashery to check out, wool and knitting patterns, books and magazines, a great selection of felt, and not forgetting the fabric.  The fabric was arranged in little areas, a kiddies corner, NZ fabrics, and Christmas, I noticed. 

P4200026 Pin cushions galore

I’m not a good shopper and I’m one of those who often gets overwhelmed when there is too much choice.  I just couldn’t make my mind up over some lovely patterns, or maybe some of that batik, or Christmas fabric.  In the end I settled on a couple of mags, and then joined Robin for coffee and cake.

Another “must do” in Rotorua was a trip to Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust.  Here they rehabilitate injured birds of prey, from falcons, hawks and owls, and have a captive breeding programme, releasing the youngsters into the wild.  After a look through the aviaries we watched as the falconers put the birds through their paces.  Then both of us got to hold one of these endangered native birds – what a thrill that was!

P4208797 With a female falcon at Wingspan

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Post Card from Gisborne

Best wishes to Town and Country Quilt Club for a successful and smooth AGM.  I have put my name forward for a place on the Committee, (more about that later)  so I hope that sufficient nominations have been received to allow for a new committee.  Unfortunately, I could not attend the AGM as once again, we are away on a trip in our caravan.

We are currently enjoying the warm weather and beautiful beach at sunny Gisborne.  But we didn’t realise that the school holidays are in full swing so the motor camp is full of families – and lots of kids everywhere.

I checked out the Bernina Sewing Centre in town – just in case there was something which wanted to jump into my hands to take away.  There was a good selection of New Zealand inspired prints, including some new designs I had not seen before.  Lots of patchwork fabric to check out, dress fabrics too, and plenty of buttons, laces and trims.  I also noticed a very large range of knitting wool – in fact, something for everyone.  My purchase was very modest, a pair of knitting needles!

P4080003 Bernina shop in Gisborne

And check out this lovely view from   the top of Wharerata Hill as we approached Gisborne.  The view from this spot is magnificent, looking down on to Poverty Bay and Young Nick's Head.  The headland was named after a lad in Captain Cook’s crew, Nicholas Young, who made the first sighting of land, earning himself a gallon of rum and a place in the history book.  We are so lucky to be living in such a beautiful country.

 P4070044Poverty Bay and Young Nick’s Head, Gisborne