Tuesday, 26 May 2015

On show at Winchester House

This month’s quilt hanging at Winchester House is so bright and cheerful, it’s just like a little burst of happiness.  Just the thing to brighten up a chilly winter’s day, and gladden the hearts of both staff and clients who call into Winchester House.  The cheery red and white stripe border fabric sets the colourful pieced snowball  blocks off nicely.


This lovely quilt was made by Janneke and will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House to comfort a child recovering from illness.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Guest Exhibitor at Kapiti Coast Quilters

The Kapiti Coast Quilters put on a magnificent show over the weekend at Southwards Car Museum.  The car park was full to overflowing and busloads of happy quilters came from far and wide.   Ever hopeful, I stopped to buy a tickets for the raffle quilt and beautifully presented gift baskets.  But no one has since  phoned to tell me I have one of the winning tickets, so I guess that I’ve missed out yet again!  One day, I really hope to win a gift basket full of goodies.

P5160076 The raffle table

I looked through the exhibition with my friend Robyn, and there was so many lovely quilts to check out.  We had had a quick look around the Merchants Mall and then I stopped to admire Jenny Hunter’s wonderful display of New Zealand flora and fauna quilts.    This very talented quilter was the speaker at Town and Country Quilters last year,  I recall.



P5160067 Some of Jenny Hunter’s quilts on display

Jenny Hunter shares her bird designs through the New Zealand Quilter magazine.  They are such beautiful designs and still on my “must do one day” list.

Friday, 15 May 2015

May Club Night

The rain did it’s best but the wet weather didn’t dampen any spirits at the May Club Night.  The annual subs were due, so Denise,  our new Treasurer was kept busy accepting payments and writing out receipts.  The meeting got underway and the new committee were called up on stage to be introduced to the members – so now you know who is is doing what and who is who.  Our President Sandra then called up Janelle, Vickie and Kathy, members of the outgoing committee to present them with a small gift each as a token of thanks.  Vickie’s daughter Hannah got a special mention as she was always happy to step in at club-nights and help out when required doing all sorts of jobs, to make things easier for the committee. 

P5130033 Janelle, Vickie and Kathy

Show and Tell was interesting, as usual, with five quilts or so being shown before they make their way to the Ronald McDonald House.  It is wonderful that members continue with their ongoing support of this wonderful charity to help children undergoing hospital treatment.  And amongst all the lovely things on show, everyone was especially interested in the huge hexagon top made by Wendy’s Mum.  She is known as the Hexagon Queen, we were told, and this quilt has been made with 5500 hexies.  And it didn’t take her too long at all!  It seems to be a fact that hexies take over your life, and once you get hooked, you just can’t stop making them!  But so far I haven’t been bitten by the hexie bug.

 P5130034Lovely  Hexagon top

Five of our members set up tables in the Supper Room to show some techniques.  Kathy was demonstrating how the Accuquilt cutter works.  This cutter belongs to T&CQ and is available to the members to use.  There are guides available for different shapes, and it seems to me that it would be particularly useful for cutting those fiddly star shapes.

P5130040 Showing how the Accuquilt cutter works

There were interested crowds watching as Lynne demonstrated her binding techniques, and Janelle showed how she does her hand appliqué.    Vickie explained her system for English paper piecing, and I heard murmurs of amazement when the ladies spotted her ever-so-tidy box of papers and patches.

P5130046 Vickie loves the precision of  English paper piecing

I really wanted to know how those fancy twisted cords are made, and Diane took the mystery out of this technique.  It can also  be done by hand, I believe, but Diane showed us how to twist the threads using the bobbin.  Very clever indeed, and hopefully I will remember all  the steps.  Thank you, ladies, for all the tips and techniques.

P5130042 Diane making twisted cords

Then there was the library books to browse through, get ourselves a cuppa, and catch up with friends.  Another good club-night, and we didn’t let the weather put us off.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Not long now till May Club Night

Town and Country Quilters May Cub Night is coming up fast – on Wednesday 13th May.  No speaker, but instead we have five of our very talented club members who will be sharing some of their skills with us all.

Lynne will be showing bindings, Vickie will be showing English Paper Piecing, and Janelle will be demonstrating hand applique.  Our club has purchased an Accuquilt cutter and Kathie will show how this works, and Diane will be doing twisted cords.  Something for everyone, come along and check it all out.

The annual subs of $30.00 are now due.  Membership forms will be available on the front desk, please take the time to fill this in before you hand over your money.  Yes – we have your details from last year, but this is a double check that we have everything correct, in case you have moved house, changed your phone number or email address.  

And for those of you thinking of the T&CQ Retreat, your committment and payment is required on club night - $150 full cost, or $50 deposit.  Please contact Lynne on 368-5970 or at clubnight.

See you all there on Wednesday evening.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Poppies at Te Takere

Have you been to see the wonderful Anzac Day Poppies at Te Takere?  Many local crafters kept their flying fingers busy with red wool knitting and crocheting all those red poppies – I’m sure some of our T&CQ ladies helped out too.   And no doubt there were busy people hard at work in the background making it all come together.  Many were stitched onto a large panel, while still more found homes in other designs.   The large panel took centre stage as I walked into the library.  (Please excuse the colour of the photo  –  the poppies really were a lovely dark red).  Green felt leaves were dotted here and there,  and while most of the poppies had black centres, some had green or even white.  It didn’t matter in the least, as each one was hand crafted with love, and each and every one were individual.


P4280034 Large panel of poppies at our local library, Te Takere

Some poppies were stitched into a cross, while others were fashioned into a wreath.



But this is the one I found particularly moving.  During the First World War, red poppies were among the first plants to spring up in the devastated battlefields of northern France and Belgium. In soldiers' folklore, the vivid red of the poppy came from the blood of their comrades soaking the ground. The sight of poppies on the battlefield at Ypres in 1915 moved Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae to write the poem ”In Flanders Fields”.  Poppies have such a special meaning at Anzac Day, and this one in particular, being the 100th Centenary of Anzac Day. 

P4280035 In Flanders Fields