Monday, 27 November 2017

More from All Comers Day

With so many lovely projects being worked on, I didn’t want to leave any photos out, so here is some more from All Comers Day.  Ute had brought along her almost completed La Passacaglia  quilt – just a few filler blocks to go, she said.  Doesn’t it look great!


Ute’s La Passacaglia

Dianne wanted a change of pace, and was making Christmas ornaments, made of folded pieces held together with the tiniest of pins.  I recall making these quite some time ago, and remember that you need nimble fingers to get the fabric in the correct place and to push those tiny pins in.


Dianne’s Christmas Balls

And look at all these teeny, tiny petals which Lynn is adding to her hydrangea block.  Such gorgeous colours too, and this Lynn’s second hydrangea wall-hanging, she told me. 


Lynn with her hydrangea block

And I spent the morning tracing the blocks for my next stitchery project.  I’m preparing Jenny Hunter’s New Zealand flower blocks to stitch on our caravan trips away.


My next stitchery project

It wasn’t all stitching and quilting – Cheryl had a production line going of sun hats.  She must be an expert by now, as she has made over 300!


Cheryl modelling one of her sunhats

I had a great time working away and chatting, especially as I hadn’t managed to attend the previous workday.  Thanks to everyone for allowing me to photograph your work, and it was lovely to catch up with you all.

Jenny Benton

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Final All-Comers Day of the Year

There was a good crowd at the All Comers day at the Vintage Car Club rooms on Saturday.  Most stayed for the full day, and several could manage a half day only.  It was great to so many happy faces and amongst all the chatter, we all seemed to be working well on our own projects.


Margaret was working on a free motion zig zag stitch pansy, and we thought that was a very clever technique indeed.  She learnt this at T&C member Faye’s classes held Fox’s Cottage, and showed us other blocks she had done in the classes, including the crazy patch block with fancy machine stitches.


Margaret’s blocks from Faye’s classes

Kath had also recently attended a class – which certainly sounded like fun.  This was all about fabric dying, run by Bobby Duncan.  She had brought along her samples to show us, there were lots of lovely fabrics in amazing colours.



Fabrics from Kath’s dying class

Annette was another who had brought along several projects.  I loved the Christmas stitchery – still a work in progress, but coming along well.  Nothing says “Christmas” like a redwork Santa, I feel.


Annette’s Christmas stitchery


Her other project was a very pretty version of “Patchwork of the Crosses”

Madalyn’s Daily Dot is coming along well.  Such tiny blocks, I don’t know how she manages.  But she showed us something new which I had never seen before – some double pronged pins which are useful when stitching the small blocks together.


Madalyn’s Daily Dot blocks.

Jenny Benton