Sunday, 31 January 2016

Happy New Year

Is it too late for “Happy New Year” wishes?  What happened to January, we are almost at the end! 

I do hope that you have all had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year, and you got to enjoy the lovely summer weather.    Holidays, travelling, stitching, reading, nibbling on choccies, whatever you got up to, I hope it was a lovely Christmas break.

We travelled up to Hastings, taking our time to get there, and staying at small out of the way places we had not previuosly visited.  My hand stitching came on holiday too, I read a book or two, we visited family in Hawkes Bay, and had our first visit to the Napier Aquarium.  It was a lovely relaxing holiday.

Our first club night for the year is coming up soo, see you all there on Wednesday 10th February.