Thursday, 12 December 2019

December Club Night

There was a great attendance at our December Club Night, with some faces which I hadn’t seen for a while.  And of course, there was a Christmas theme to the evening.  Members brought along many  donations for the Food Bank and the basket was overflowing.  I’m sure there were many more goodies deposited here as the happy quilters continued to enter the hall.


Donations for the Food Bank

Our guest speaker for the evening was Diane Southey, owner of Village Books and Crafts in Palmerston North.  Her talk was all about “Modern Quilts”, the new quilting movement sweeping the quilting world, and finding favour with younger women leading very busy lives, it seems.   Modern quilting is defined as the use of bold colours, high contrast, improv piecing, and lots of negative space to show off your creative quilting.  Diane then showed us slides from Quilt Com of some of the prize winning quilts.

And to show us that perhaps we are already making our own versions of modern quilts and not realising it, Diane had several of her own quilts to share with us.



Quilts by Diane Southey

We then got a preview of what is is “trending” in Diane’s shop – felt bag kits and cork fabric for bags.  Her talk finished with “Do what you love, and enjoy your quilting”.  Great sentiments indeed.

Then we played a game of “Pass the Parcel” and two wrapped parcels traveled around the hall.  Wrapping paper was removed at each halt in the proceedings, then the parcels continued on their way.  The eventual winners were Griet and Barbara.

Supper was very festive indeed.  Bowls of strawberries and cream were eagerly consumed, hot savouries were passed around, followed by Christmas Cake.  The Foxes Cottage girls ran a game of Bingo – where were all my numbers, I wonder?  Plus they gave us all a Button Challenge and interesting little brown paper bags were handed out to us all.  That looks interesting.


Button Challenge

The raffles were drawn, and it was announced with sadness that this would be the last meeting presided over by our wonderful President Jane, as she would be moving to the Wellington area very shortly.  A presentation was made to Jane to thank her for her time in office.  Then it was time to go, and we all collected a parcel from the Fat Quarter Shop to take home.

Such a busy night, with all sorts of things arranged for our final meeting of the year.  Many thanks to all the Committee and helpers for making it so special.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

Jenny Benton

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